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These days, people are cutting back on a lot. Make sure your dental appointments aren’t one of them. Regular appointments with your dentist are essential to help prevent or diagnose problems early on when treatment is simpler and more affordable. It never pays to wait. Problems will only get worse over time. Making regular dental appointments – and keeping them – is key to good oral health.

Going about your daily routine without paying attention to increasingly bothersome dental problems can have detrimental effects.

Mounting evidence continues to show a possible correlation between oral health neglect and adverse overall body health, including:

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Healthy Gums and a Healthy Heart: The Perio-Cardio Connection:

Newly released clinical recommendations encourage cardiologists to examine the mouth and periodontists to ask questions about heart health. Read more

Don’t give oral health, or overall health, the brush-off.

Oral health is not something to be pushed aside – saved for a better economy, a better mood, better weather. Your mouth needs attention and only your dentist can provide you with the professional care required.

Remember, your oral healthcare can’t wait:

Dental problems. Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Not every oral health problem is visible or results in pain or discomfort. Just because you don’t see a dramatic change with your teeth or gums or feel pain, it doesn’t mean your oral health is in ideal shape.

Again, only your dentist has the expertise to determine this, and only regular appointments with your dentist can keep your mouth in the best shape possible.

Helpful Oral Health Information and Support

Established associations provide valuable insight about a variety of oral health topics, stressing the importance of why you should Visit Your Dentist Now.

ADA (American Dental Association):
The dental industry’s premier resource provides you with the latest oral health news. Choose from a variety of A-Z topics ranging from “Antibiotics and your Heart” to “Saliva.”

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The easiest, most reliable way to find a dentist you’ll love. Search for an office near you, browse dental articles, watch informative videos or chat online with their friendly matching specialists.

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A comprehensive site with helpful information about dental visits, treatments and oral health problems. Find the right dentist for you and your family, along with the answers you need to keep your mouth healthy.

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ADHA (American Dental Hygienists’ Association):
From oral cancer fact sheets, bad breath information and flossing instructions, to oral health news for adults and seniors, it’s all here.

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WebMD :
A variety of oral health facts, symptoms, techniques, and dental news stories await at this trustworthy and timely health site.

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Oral Health America:
This independent non-profit public corporation has launched and supported numerous impactful programs focused on improving the oral health of Americans, especially the most vulnerable members of the population, and on increasing awareness of oral health’s significance to overall health.

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